Arkansas teens rendered sleepless by lesbian sex book

21 04 2007

No, really. In Bentonville, Arkansas, Earl Adams’ two teenaged sons ‘innocently’ found ‘The Whole Lesbian Sex Book’ while ‘looking’ for books on ‘military academies’. Uh huh. Pull the other one, boys, it’s got bells on it.

Not content to a) smack them upside the head with it and put it back on the shelf, b) talk about it like a mature adult human being, or c) check it out for their edification, Mr. Adams got his outrage on but good. From the 365Gay article:

“[They were] greatly disturbed” said Earl Adams his letter to the city. “[We had] many sleepless nights in our house.”

Adams wants $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under the Arkansas obscenity law. Adams also wants the city to fire library director Cindy Suter.

The book, “The Whole Lesbian Sex Book” by Felice Newman was moved to an inaccessible area of the library after Adams first complained, and then removed altogether following a second complaint from the man.

In a letter to Mayor Bob McCaslin, Adams said the book is “patently offensive and lacks any artistic, literary or scientific value.”

Uh HUH. The plot thickens.  Oh, Mr. Adams – you so crazy. FIGURE IT OUT. They weren’t looking for books on military academies. They TOLD you they were looking for books on military academies. MAYBE the book was stuck in the wrong section, but it was most likely because other boys discovered it and decided to hide it for sneaky future reference*.  But, Mr. Adams, another scenario is really far more likely: your precious baby angels were looking for spank material. Sorry to break it to you, d00d. Your boys do it. They do it all the damn time. If it weren’t The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, it’d be a legacy copy of Penthouse or a medical textbook (woohoo! line drawing boobie!) or any of a number of things that young men use to get their engines revved (young women too – I remember being that age).

You DO realize that everyone else has figured out what you haven’t or won’t? That your boys are having one over on you, with the library (and that poor librarian, gods!) paying the price? Because, you know, teenaged boys are kinda like that. They’re kinda assholes. So, Mr. Adams, please accept the first daily Mosh Pit Mom STFU Award, bestowed upon a man who’s managed to drop the collective Arkansan IQ by a good ten points or so. Believe me, you didn’t have it to lose.

*And I could go on here about how if we just gave our kids safe sexual outlets at all ages, there wouldn’t be this kind of problem to begin with, but that’s like talking to a brick wall.




One response

21 04 2007
Warped Kevin

Yeah, nevermind that there might be students reaserching alternative lifestyles, curious teenagers hoping to find some “good information” on sex in the library. No, sorry, my children saw it, so since I obviously cannot be responsible for making sure I know what my children are reading it, you have to stop it!

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