Nickolodeon morality

10 06 2007

I see a lot of kids’ shows. No really, a lot. My daughter’s more then Disney Channel type (when she’s not watching trashy TV like The Pussycat Dolls, ew), but my son, also known as the clinging tick, watches Nickolodeon. Which means I watch a lot of Nickolodeon. Last night, he was watching a Nick original movie (not so original, if you ask me) and they used Smashmouth’s ‘Walking on the Sun’ as a backing track for a montage scene.

You, being familiar with this song, might think immediately that maybe it’s not the most tasteful choice for a tweener movie. I mean, really it talks about smoking dope and dead babies! It’s especially not so appropriate used for a cheerful montage. Did that stop Nick? Oh hell no! They chose to just mask out the words altogether whenever they sing about toking. But the part about a baby’s life being revoked? STILL IN. So, let’s get this straight – toking bad, dead babies A-OK. Right! Gotcha!

I’ve given up on Hollywood ever actually listening to the lyrics of music they use (between Semi-Charmed Life being used to promote a little kid’s movie and Lust for Life selling cruises and  Blister in the Sun used to sell MF’ing CHICKEN SANDWICHES) but I think that sort of encapsulates everything – drug use bad, violence okay.

I’m the last person you’ll ever hear bleating about THE CHILDREEEEEEEN. I don’t think my son noticed the words to the song at all. I wouldn’t turn it off the radio. Our current in-car listening is My Chemical Romance, alternating with Blue October. We are not prudes. But if you’re going to be hijacking songs for kids’ movies and then altering them to the point of meaninglessness, how about you go ahead and just, I dunno, use another song?




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