A symphony of perversion

10 02 2008

Why aren’t stories like this picked up by the national news outlets and broadcast far and wide? It’s exhausting, to keep reading about these stories on my blogroll, then finding out they aren’t getting any real attention:

“A local home healthcare worker reported to Deputy David King on Jan. 11 that one of her special needs patients might have been sexually assaulted. King then notified Detective Rocky Potter, who investigates sex crimes for the county.

Potter met with the alleged victim, a 47-year-old woman, a couple of days later. The woman told Potter that a minister she had known for several years had visited her periodically to pray with her.

Early in January the minister called her, then came to her Dayton apartment and spent several hours with her praying. The woman said the minister told her she had a demon inside her, but that he could force the demon out of her by anointing her with oil and praying over her.

The woman said the minister told her to go in her bedroom, take off her clothes and lie down on the bed. She then said the minister came into her bedroom, spread oil on her and touched her sexually, Potter said.

After a few minutes, the minister told the woman to get dressed, and they spent more time in the living room praying together. The woman said the minister then told her there was one more thing she could to remove the demon and coerced her to perform a sex act on him, according to Potter.”

That’s right.Yet another sordid, enraging, depressing, wholly unsurprising incident where someone turns on the light, and the roaches we call the religious hypocrites scurry for the dank recesses. Molesting a special needs woman in the name of religion…are we surprised? Honestly? Do we have an ounce of shock left? How do these evil, vile people still hold a shred of moral authority in our culture? How do THEY still get to be the ones to point their fingers and scold and scream and claim oppression?

I think the answer is simple – simpler than we’d like it to be. It’s simple, because human beings are really pretty simple. Some of us evolve, and lose our  taste for pointing and screaming and controlling. Some us – most of us – don’t. We hear about a fine, upstanding pastor molesting a woman incapable of giving her consent, and we think ‘Yeah, heh heh. What else are those fucking simpletons good for?’. Because we are still animals. We’re still apes. We still eat our weak, then thump our bloody chests and crow over it.

How can the ‘religious right’ still inflict so much blunt force trauma on our society? Because we let it. Because we refuse to evolve past the stage of playground bully, sniggering while we dump the brainy kid in the trash or humiliate the girl who dared to get breasts and hips with catcalls and nasty names.  We’re still stuck in grade school, our whole fucking culture. We refuse to grow up.

Here’s a piece of grown up reasoning for you: if members of the christianist right repeatedly show themselves as morally bankrupt, rotten to the core, hypocritical evil doers, maybe it’s more than just ‘one bad apple’. Maybe the whole bushel is rotted. Maybe the whole fucking orchard.




One response

7 05 2008
Aaron McCartney

I used to work with spastic quadrapledgic adults with cerebral palsy and one of the things that I was told when I started in that job that disgusted and enraged me was that almost every person I would be working with had been sexually assualted at some point in their life. It enrages me that the people that are the most vulnerable often suffer at the hands of their caregivers and people that they need to be able to trust and yet society as a whole has little to know knowledge of it and the media doesn’t deem it important enough to report on. If they reported on the incidences of this abuse more often, rather than brittany speer’s marriage failure or indecent exposure getting out of a car then the public outrage might actually help to stop it or at least to impose stiffer penalties for the violation of these vulnerable individuals.

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