Because love means hypnotizing your significant other

12 02 2008

This ad is absolutely puke inducing (click on ‘watch our valentine’s day TV ad’ in the right hand side bar). JC Penney’s Valentine’s Day advert consists of men giving their womenfolk tawdry, tacky, cheap-ass diamond heart pendants, and swaying them hypnotically. It comes complete with the men saying in a lulling voice ‘Shiny, isn’t it? You love how it looks. You think I’m the perfect man. You’re very happy with me right now.’ And the kicker, for me, is the end card: ‘Today is the day everyone gets what they want’.

Really? Let’s strip this down, shall we? Shiny jewelry = ownership. You ARE happy with me. Because I SAY SO. Because I have BOUGHT you. And if you don’t like it? I’ll find some way to coerce you into giving me what I’m rightfully due. A little hypnotism, a little rohypnol. Whatever it takes, right?




2 responses

13 02 2008

Well, duh. Its not like Women really think for themselves. Its not like they’re people or anything.

*rolls eyes in disgust*

15 02 2008

I saw that ad and just thought “really??” I could not believe that was on TV. It wasn’t even subliminal! It justc

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