I’m a mother. Yeah, I know, I know. You always say you’re going to be you first, and ‘momomMOM!!’ second, but it doesn’t tend to work out well, does it? So let’s get that bit out of the way first. Mom, two kids. I will be referring to them as the spawn. There’s girlspawn, aged 11, and boyspawn, aged 6. I’m also divorced, and I work full time (and more) while managing a house and all the kids’ activities. And since I’m one of those anal retentive types who constantly has to find SOME WAY to fix things, tinker with things, streamline things till it all makes sens,  I’ve found a few ways to tweak life to make it work better under nigh-impossible circumstances, and I’d like to pass them along.

I’m also a politically progressive (not a liberal, and a Democrat only out of desperation – I’d categorize myself as a Socialist) feminist passionate about GLBT rights, and a working writer.


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31 12 2007

Woot – all progressives and socialists unite.

5 03 2008


22 08 2008
Joseph Fotinos

Hello from the long ago past!

I hope you are well. I just wanted to say hello. I live in Austin as well.
Married with a 6 year old and having the time of my life.

Drop me a line. I’d truly love to hear from you again.



26 03 2017
Alice Richardson

Hello ! How’s it going? I wanted to log in to my e mail (I’ve Had moshpitmom@yahoo.com since 2000 ! ) and accidentally came across your blog !!! Another moshpitmom ! How cool. Your kids must be super teens by now ! Anyhoo, Hope you all are well. I hope you plan to blog some more !!!

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