Children of same sex couples in the military

11 01 2008

In all the furor over DADT, I’ve seen comparatively little coverage on the impact it has on the families of GLBT service members. This wonderful, heartbreaking article by Dana over at The Blend is a wrenching glimpse into the life of one lesbian Army officer, her partner and two very young sons. They have to dance a fine line, sacrificing every on-base activity for their children. When their mother is deployed to Iraq, the children cannot partake of any activities with other kids of deployed parents, cannot forge any bonds to share their experiences or form friendships. Why? Because children talk. The parents have promised each other that they should be the only ones to ever, ever have to lie. They never want their sons to have to lie, so they keep them out of situations where the truth would mean the end of a career that one parent cherishes.

This means no on-base daycare, no on-base playgrounds. For fuck’s sake, it even means no on-base Santa. So DADT is a nice ‘compromise’ compared to the criminal prosecutions of old? Really? I guess their mother couldn’t be thrown in jail if her secret comes out, just lose something she values highly – serving her country. I wish that Elaine Donnelly bitch from the ‘Center for Military Readiness’ could look those young children in the eye, square in the eye, and just flat out say to them the things she says in her screeds against letting those homos serve openly. It would never happen though. People who stand on the sidelines and spew hate tend to lack the courage to go face to face, eye to eye with the direct consequences of their bile fueled, small minded, petty faux outrage.

Go to the Blend, read the whole thing.